Take control of your budget with Wilbur

Developed in Canada, for Canadians, we are a leading budgeting app created to help you maximize your financial health in today’s challenging economic climate.
• Automatically categorize your spending
• Understand your net worth across all accounts
• Forecast your cash flow
• Earn extra money doing surveys
• No advertisements!
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A complete picture of your financial health

Understand your net worth with all your financial information summarized from your linked bank accounts, credit cards, loans & investments.

Identify ways to save money

Using the latest in AI, we automatically identify spending habits so you can find ways to save and easily track upcoming bills.

Review your spending  to optimize cash flow

Get a detailed breakdown of your cash flow with daily, weekly and monthly tracking.

Automatically categorize your expenses

Our AI classifies your spending into intuitive categories, making it easy to understand where you're spending your money. Add custom categories and set budgets to help meet your savings goals.

How users can earn cash rewards.

Earn money by taking surveys

We’re not just a personal finance app.

Wilbur allows you to earn money and other rewards when you participate in surveys.

Influence the future of the brands you use.

Share your opinions to help brands improve their products and services to better meet your needs.

Get paid for your opinions

Doing surveys for money has never been so easy!

Have it deposited at your convenience

Or let it accumulate in the app to help you save.

Take surveys when you want, wherever you want.

Take as many or as few as you want, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

What people are saying

Initially I was attracted to earn rewards for surveys, but after using Wilbur I was very impressed with the analysis of my spending. I have saved money by making better choices as a consumer. And best of all, the app is totally free!


Oshawa, ON

I was looking for an app to help manage all my finances in one place, which it does well. But after using it, I’m also loving the ability to earn extra cash for doing surveys.


Surrey, BC

Data security is our highest priority

We employ the latest bank-grade encryption and firewalls to protect Wilbur user data. We will never share or use your personal information for marketing purposes.

Hosting & Encryption

All data is housed in Canada on trusted secure data centres, backed by Amazon Web Services, including physical access restrictions and two factor authentication.

Secure Connections

When you link your accounts, we work with leading financial services data partners – Plaid and Flinks – to create a completely secure connection. We do not store any passwords or login credentials.

Read Only

The app has read-only access to your connected accounts. It is not possible for anyone to make changes or perform transactions as a result of using Wilbur. This ensures the safety of your accounts.

Wilbur Security

We use state of the art SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to make sure that no data is intercepted while transmitted. The same encryption is used by Canadian banks.

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